Tree Tips


Thunder Storms and Hurricanes

It is best to prepare for storms and hurricanes early to ensure your loved ones and property are safe.   Look around your property for any dead or low hanging branches, failing trees, or limbs encroaching your living space.   Limbs that fall or become weakened by storms can cause serious injury or damage to property.  Removing these hazards early can result in major savings for you and your family.  

Ice Storms

In an ice storm,  precipitation freezes on the trees, weighing them down and causing the branches to either break or split.  Pruning your trees early for weight reduction can prevent these breaks and splits from happening.

Dead Trees

Three major signs that a tree is dying : 

1) Canopy die back - The leaves of the tree are falling off at the tips of the branches.  2) Mushrooms growing around the base of the tree -  a sign of Root Rot.  

3) Missing bark - Bark that has fallen off the tree on its own.  If your tree has any of these symptoms, we recommend having a certified arborist come out to examine your tree.

If you ever have questions about your trees call an ISA Certified Arborist for an expert consultation.